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Such is the mythic quality of the December festivities that when Good Fortune happens during any other month, it can be difficult not to reach for the glittery Yuletide vocabulary to capture the sense of celebration


Preston Sturges’ 1940 comedy is about an office clerk conned by colleagues into believing he has won a huge prize at a local department store. It all gets out of hand when he and his fiancee start spending the money like there’s no tomorrow. Or indeed, like it’s, er, Christmas in July.

This year, I’ve prided myself of covering a film with at least some mention of Christmas here on a monthly basis. Christmas In July just yearns to be included this month. And it would have been, had my own Christmas not come on 26th of the month when I was called to Guy’s Hospital in London for my own kidney transplant!

So, I’m still recovering, low in energy, on the mend but without my laptop since I’m staying close to the hospital for my regular check-ups. For the moment, my review of Sturges’ film can wait. When I am back with my computer and notes on the film, I will edit this page accordingly.

Until then, I conclude with all good wishes to my readers and supporters,
Catherine vR

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